Security Cameras and Surveillance System Installation

Whether you are a business or home owner, it is only natural to want to make sure your property and the people you care about are safe at all times. One of the best ways to do that is by installing high-quality security cameras around your property. We can help you do that and more.

Since 2008, JDL General Svc has helped numerous commercial and residential clients with setting up an effective and secure surveillance system on their properties. Our team of experienced technicians can tackle any project you may have, from small businesses and single homes to entire commercial facilities and condominium buildings. When you choose us for your security system needs, know that you are choosing a team backed by years of experience and happy customers.

Building Your Security and Surveillance System

Today, there are countless options for CCTVs and other security cameras, which is why our technicians work closely with you in selecting the right equipment for your property. JDL General Svc offers a wide range of cameras that are clear, durable, and user-friendly for the best value. After CCTV installation, our team can also help you set up a state-of-the-art recording system and seamlessly integrate everything with your existing IT infrastructure.

Check your property from a laptop or your mobile device anywhere in the world and at any time. On top of simple video recording, we can also help you configure your security system for remote live viewing. Similarly, we can help set up centralized CCTV video management for businesses with multiple locations.


Tailored to Fit Your Security Needs

We understand that security and surveillance requirements differ from property to property. Likewise, the needs of a commercial building is different from the needs of a home. This is why our technicians always start with a comprehensive assessment of your property. This process allows us to design a custom surveillance system that fits the exact needs of the premises. We can then discuss any specific details (a particular set of surveillance cameras, surveillance software, etc.) you want included in your new system.

Our team is more than happy to scale your system based on your preferences and your budget. We can easily start you off with a handful of security cameras, and create a provision for additional camera installation as your business expands. 


Our Service Areas

JDL General Svc is proud to serve our commercial and residential clients in Lathrop, CA and other nearby areas within a 60-mile radius of our office. Our technicians also tackle projects in the following areas:

  • Stockton
  • Manteca
  • Tracy
  • Lodi
  • San Francisco
  • Sacramento
  • Livermore
  • Pleasanton
  • Dublin
  • Rosedale

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